Top 10 Things About Deyta’s High Definition Success Guidance Solution for Home Health and Hospice Organizations


  1. Understand your entire operation in a high definition enterprise information ecosystem complete with detailed clarity, data relevancy, key performance indicators and comparisons for marketing, operations, satisfaction surveys, compliance, quality of care and executive leadership
  2. Interpret critical success factor trends via the Web in a secure and easy-to-understand high definition method of finding the truth
  3. Stay focused on the facts, not paper shuffling or spreadsheet overload
  4. View comprehensive, relevant, detailed information that is a combination of data from existing systems (such as EMR, payroll and financial systems), marketplace databases, national benchmark databases and from new systems in strategic areas such as customer satisfaction and relationships
  5. Measure your performance against critical success factors and national benchmarks, in real-time and in a graphical format that enables understanding at a glance
  6. Respond to negative customer satisfaction survey results more quickly by receiving alerts concerning negative comments from codified freeform responses instead of sifting through useless scanned customer input or mind-numbing blobs of unconnected information
  7. Compare your customer satisfaction and operational performance against industry leading benchmark databases and best practice comparisons
  8. Unlock customer relationship mysteries and solve critical marketing and customer satisfaction issues
  9. Understand how to improve growth from high resolution analysis of referrals and marketplace referral patterns, as well as manage and deliver clear, insightful communications with providers
  10. Find answers far more quickly with the ability to drill down from summary numbers to granular detail
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  • We're so happy to have someone we can trust with our data and that knows what to do with it – and Deyta is comfortable suggesting changes in processes that will make us better.

    Kristen Rich

  • Deyta’s Market Intelligence solution provides our agency with powerful physician and facility referral data which allows us to efficiently identify valuable referral sources.

    Jack Draughon

  • I am always pleased with education I get from Deyta. I consider Deyta one of my greatest resources.

    Heather Murphy

  • Deyta is a responsive and trusted partner. They keep us ahead of the regulatory curve.

    Monica McCullough, RN, BSN, CHPN

  • So glad we started with Deyta and don't have to play catch up. Very comforting to know Deyta is on the cutting edge of what is going on in the world of HHCAHPS.

    Linda Cummins