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Most organizations want to improve total quality, control cost and increase growth but face waves of opposition and whirlwinds of change. Our goal is to be a light in that storm and help navigate around obstacles of confusing and sometimes misleading or missing data. Whether it is comprehensive customer satisfaction management, high value referral decision support or problem solving executive knowledge, Deyta delivers enlightened improvement, not data that disappoints.

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High Definition Success Guidance System

Our High Definition Success Guidance System for Home Health and Hospice organizations unlocks trapped, hidden or missing insights in several key strategic dimensions that are essential to master in order to realize and maximize value:

  • Executive Knowledge & Guidance
  • Patient & Family Satisfaction
  • Referral Source Maximization
  • Financial/Operational Optimization
  • Quality/Compliance Improvement
  • Family Bereavement Management

High Definition Success Guidance Process

Unlike traditional vendors of software that automate processes and give reams of reports to sift through or transpose to spreadsheets, Deyta follows a protocol that is designed to yield better results. Our process emphasizes the realization of value.

  • We help organizations access and complete an enterprise data ecosystem.
  • We give fast real-time insights and consolidated observations.
  • We intelligently detect and diagnose areas for improvement.
  • We help prescribe actions that will lead to enhanced success.

Success Guidance Services

Approximately 80% of software implementations fail. Most services, such as survey administration, barely fulfill the minimum compliance requirement. We believe that it takes a great deal more than providing software and information. Deyta provides industry experts in operational optimization, customer satisfaction, referral maximization and executive management to guarantee our customers get the results they want.

Our Success Guidance Services help you:

  • Document your current state and determine what changes are needed
  • Maximize results with a comprehensive implementation plan that includes extensive user training and understanding
  • Ensure 100% adoption of Deyta’s systems and services across your organization
  • Learn exactly what to do for everything from low satisfaction scores to changes in referral patterns
  • Maintain a successful environment by providing on-going consulting and education
  • Guarantee employees are using the system and services consistently and correctly with customized initial and follow-up end-user training
  • Monitor your progress against documented success standards on an annual or more frequent basis
  • Improve processes and procedures when your organization isn’t meeting your goals
  • Optimize the solution for maximum performance and financial success

By selecting Deyta, you are choosing to take advantage of the best practices of hundreds of the best hospices in the industry. Our Success Guidance Services will lead you and your organization to the right answers, and teach you to duplicate your success again and again.

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The “EY” in our name represents the goal for all our software and services. Simply put, we want to...

  • Elevate Your customer satisfaction
  • Elevate Your performance
  • Elevate Your quality
  • Elevate Your growth
  • Elevate Your Success

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  • After years, I am still impressed by your customer service. You all are such wonderful role models!

    Ellen Martin

  • It is always informative to listen to the information you are providing. Thank you!

    Sandy Rex

  • We appreciate the leadership that Deyta has provided over the years in helping us to dive deeper into the data.

    Pat Vigilante

  • Quality Navigator has improved efficiency of our QAPI program and is preparing us for quality reporting requirements.

    Pam Ware, LCSW, CHA

  • Deyta is a powerful management tool which provides easy visibility into key performance indicators through simple visual graphics such as gauges and charts.

    David Donenburg

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