High Definition Clinical Management and Quality Improvement

National healthcare policy is quickly moving towards value-based purchasing with a focus on ensuring measurably high quality of care. Reporting of quality data is a key first step. Starting July 1, 2014, hospices were required to begin reporting Hospice Item Set data elements to CMS. While the timeline for public reporting is unclear, hospices can be sure that future plans include making this data available to the public.

With the increased transparency to the public eye, hospices have an even greater incentive for performance improvement, as well as an opportunity to shine in a competitive market. Providing high quality of care begins with staff. By engaging staff in quality measurement and clinical outcomes, and proactively managing clinical teams, hospices can raise the bar on care delivery.

  • Do you have the information that you need to effectively manage clinical productivity?
  • Do you need an easier approach to measuring quality data?
  • Do you have a system to support your QAPI program and CMS hospice quality reporting requirements?

Deyta provides the best quality improvement and clinical management support in the industry. Deyta’s solution includes systems, services, and education to deliver meaningful improvement in your operations and quality of care while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Clinical Actionboards

business-01The Clinical Actionboards, part of Deyta's overall Clinical Management and Quality Improvement solution, allows you to effectively manage staffing, unverified visits, caseloads, and synchronization verification. The Clinical Actionboards integrate with your EMR to simplify the data transfer process and delivers detailed reporting of:

  • Team Daily Census
  • Recent Deaths and Discharges
  • Admissions and Readmissions
  • Level of Care

All of this is presented in a snapshot view that makes it easy to see key metrics at a glance, but it also allows you to drill-down as far as needed to find answers...even down to the chart level. The Clinical Actionboards can help you manage your clinical team more effectively.

Quality & Avoidable Events Actionboards and Hospice Item Set Compliance

  • What systems do you have in place to support QAPI?
  • How does you hospice compare with national benchmarks on the required NQF measures?
  • How do you track symptom management outcomes today…manually?
  • How do you track and report incidents and infections today?

Quality & Avoidable Events Actionboards is a web-based solution designed to guide hospices through targeted data capture, reporting, and management to fulfill CMS requirements and improve clinical quality. This comprehensive solution provides concise executive summaries and in-depth data analysis of key areas of clinical quality management to include the Hospice Item Set and other industry-vetted quality measures. To simplify Hospice Item Set compliance, Deyta can even submit your hospice’s data to CMS. We’ll bear the administrative burden so that you can focus on care delivery.

Highlights of Deyta’s Quality & Avoidable Events solution include:

  • Required XML file packaging of HIS data elements for submission to CMS.
  • Optional Submission Services where Deyta manages the process of submitting your hospice's HIS data elements to CMS.
  • Tracking and trending of required NQF measures as well as other industry-vetted quality measures.
  • Benchmark and Comparison Reports, including comprehensive views of clinical performance to identify and prioritize improvement opportunities.
  • Tracking and trending of symptom management outcomes throughout the course of care.
  • Chart review focusing on industry-vetted measures of quality patient care and the processes of care.
  • Comprehensive tracking of incidents/occurrences involving patients.
  • Comprehensive infection control management with patient- and agency-level drill-down.
  • On-demand reporting provides access to your data as soon as it enters the system.
  • Customized reports allow you to select measure preferences and time frames.
  • Interactive graphs allow you to specify incident and infection types.
  • Aggregate/roll-up reporting addresses both patient-level and agency-level QAPI requirements with ability to drill-down into patient, location, region, division, and corporate-level reports.
  • Drill-down reports identify patient-mix characteristics or subsets of data for targeted analysis.
  • Electronic file submission for efficient, timely transfer of patient-level data.
  • Detailed interpretation guides your staff through interpretation and utilization of the data.
  • Ongoing training and educational support with industry best practices.

Assistance with QAPI - Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement

QAPI program implementation remains a top priority for hospices, guiding clinical improvement efforts and serving as a strategic management tool. Poor QAPI compliance, however, is a top cause of survey deficiencies. Done right, QAPI leads to better patient care, improved operations, and an easier transition to mandatory reporting of quality data.

  • Deyta is your QAPI partner, providing quality and satisfaction benchmarking programs, supplemented with QAPI program implementation support.
  • Deyta's unique Quality & Avoidable Events Actionboards and Clinical Actionboards are designed to guide hospices through targeted data capture, reporting and management to improve clinical quality.
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  • Deyta is a powerful management tool which provides easy visibility into key performance indicators through simple visual graphics such as gauges and charts.

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