Hospice Solutions Summary

Deyta’s software and services for hospices provide high definition answers with precision guidance derived from mountains of data. We eliminate indecision and uncertainty to provide clarity on what is important and what to do about it.

Our solutions for advanced analytics, business intelligence, satisfaction surveys, and success services enable agencies to:

  • Satisfy patients and their families.
  • Attract more high-value referrals.
  • Improve total operational and clinical quality.
  • Create enterprise efficiencies and cost control.
  • Elevate the success in every aspect of your organization.

Deyta’s solutions enhance existing systems within your organization by integrating silos of information across the enterprise to provide quick access to accurate, easy-to-understand information to optimize quality of care, caregiver satisfaction, financial growth and regulatory compliance. Detya can help your whole agency improve by bridging gaps in data, systems, knowledge, and processes to guide you to elevated results. Below is a brief summary of our core solutions:

Hospice CAHPS — Deyta is the market leader in family satisfaction surveys with the largest industry benchmark. With Deyta’s clear and easy to understand reports and unique verbatim, codified comment reports and alerts, hospices can respond quickly to urgent issues and share positive feedback with staff. Deyta will seamlessly transition customers from the existing FEHC survey to Hospice CAHPS, to address the emerging compliance requirements from CMS.

Quality Actionboards — Deyta’s solution goes beyond collecting and reporting Hospice Item Set data to provide hospices with a comprehensive quality management system for building a robust QAPI program. We provide comprehensive tools to guide hospices through standardized data capture, interpretation and integration of results for strategic management of clinical processes and quality outcome measures.

Avoidable Events Actionboards — Deyta’s solution enhances your QAPI program with a robust solution to capture, report and track trends for infections, falls and other adverse or potentially avoidable events to facilitate quality improvement.

Bereavement Actionboards — Deyta’s unique bereavement management solution seamlessly integrates with your EMR and provides compliance management as well as integrated, customized correspondence to help you be more productive, more compliant, have higher quality, and expand your programs to better care for hospice and community clients.

Family Evaluation of Bereavement Services (FEBS) — Deyta’s Family Evaluation of Bereavement Services survey solution allows hospices to gain valuable insights about their bereavement services. Deyta delivers the largest, most accurate industry benchmarks; clear and easy to understand reports; unique verbatim, codified comment reports and alerts so you can respond quickly to any urgent issues and share positive feedback with your team.

Market Intelligence — Deyta’s Market Intelligence solutions provide strategic guidance regarding referral trends and competition in your market so that you can increase referrals, reduce referral leakage, and benchmark your impact on 30-day re-admissions. With Market Intelligence, hospices can target their efforts and grow referrals in record time.

Referral Actionboards — Deyta’s business development solution is optimized for managers and reps to easily and proactively assess and increase sales productivity. Deyta’s Referral Actionboards and mobile solutions integrate with your EMR and with Deyta’s other Actionboards, including Market Intelligence and Mileage to serve as a complete business development solution.

MD Companion — Deyta provides fast, easy, on-line access to referring and attending physicians to satisfy their need for timely updates on the statuses of their patients and the details of their care.

Mileage Management — Deyta’s solution helps agencies manage one of their top expenses by optimizing travel based on the shortest routes and maintaining accuracy for compliance with the IRS travel policies. Our easy to use interface, combined with EMR integration, has proven to significantly reduce travel expenses for agencies of any size.

Executive Actionboards — Our solution integrates data from the EMR to provide quick access to accurate, easy-to-understand information to optimize quality of care, financial growth, and regulatory compliance. The advanced analytics provide the insight and guidance to executives to offer them a 360 degree view of their operations from the highest level with the ability to investigate outliers, drill down as needed to find answers to problems, and reward success.

Clinical Actionboards — As part of Deyta’s overall Quality and Compliance Improvement solutions, our Clinical Actionboards help you to effectively manage training, unverified visits, caseloads and track key management metrics such as team daily census, recent deaths and discharges, admissions and readmissions, and level of care. The key performance indicators are available at a glance, and allow you to drill down to the chart level to find meaningful answers.

Financial Actionboards — Deyta integrates with your accounting system to provide drill-down and roll-up analysis of key financial and operational metrics to help drive corporate performance.

Guidance Console — Deyta’s KPI Dashboards and business intelligence provide real-time executive insight to key trends and highlight performance against goals. At a glance, executives and managers can rapidly interpret the visual KPI indicators and trending graphics to understand the health of the business and determine where the problems areas are that require their attention.

Guidance Cube — Deyta’s unique and powerful business intelligence solution compiles data from silos across the enterprise and provides a flexible, easy-to-use platform for analysis. It provides ad-hoc reporting so that leaders can gather answers to complex, customized questions for driving strategic and operational decisions.

Adoption Success Services — Deyta provides a unique range of services that encompasses not only standard implementation and training, but also the complete adoption of the right solutions to promote quality of care and efficiency of operations.

Guidance Consulting Services — Deyta has the experience of working with thousands of agencies and helping them understand how to drive success in clinical operations and quality. From this industry-leading experience base, we provide insight and guidance for executives and managers for clinical, operational, quality, compliance, and financial aspects of the business.

  • I am always pleased with education I get from Deyta. I consider Deyta one of my greatest resources.

    Heather Murphy

  • Quality Navigator has improved efficiency of our QAPI program and is preparing us for quality reporting requirements.

    Pam Ware, LCSW, CHA

  • We appreciate the leadership that Deyta has provided over the years in helping us to dive deeper into the data.

    Pat Vigilante

  • Deyta is a powerful management tool which provides easy visibility into key performance indicators through simple visual graphics such as gauges and charts.

    David Donenburg

  • We're so happy to have someone we can trust with our data and that knows what to do with it – and Deyta is comfortable suggesting changes in processes that will make us better.

    Kristen Rich

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