Deyta's Hospice Solutions

Our High Definition Guidance Systems and Services

  • How satisfied are you with your hospice's quality of care, satisfaction surveys and referral rates?
  • Do you have the information you need to proactively manage your operations?
  • How long does it take you to find out how close your hospice is to a Medicare CAP problem?
  • When does your marketing team find out about a death, and how is the referral source notified?

Deyta has created a suite of systems and services that work together to provide high definition views of all of your key information and management systems to ensure that Deyta picks up where your EMR leaves off.

Caregiver and Family Satisfaction

Choose Deyta for your Hospice CAHPS and FEBS survey administration and take advantage of features no one else can match. Alerts, verbatim comment reporting and monthly dashboard reporting are just a few of the reasons more hospices choose Deyta.

Deyta’s High Definition Guidance Systems

Our Guidance Systems provide information management at a level unique to the industry, leveraging the power of your EMR and other information systems (such as marketing and financial) to provide role-specific views of key performance indicators. With Deyta, you can proactively manage your organization and streamline operations. 

Deyta’s High Definition Guidance Services

What sets Deyta apart from other vendors serving hospices?

Deyta offers Guidance Services as well as Systems. Our industry experts have learned best practices from working with hundreds of hospices across the country, and they use those practices to help our clients improve satisfaction, operations, quality of care, marketing and bereavement services.

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  • So glad we started with Deyta and don't have to play catch up. Very comforting to know Deyta is on the cutting edge of what is going on in the world of HHCAHPS.

    Linda Cummins

  • It is always informative to listen to the information you are providing. Thank you!

    Sandy Rex

  • Our Actionboard gives us the whole picture in one glance… and I can get everything I need for IDT.

    Rev. Gina Volpe

  • We're so happy to have someone we can trust with our data and that knows what to do with it – and Deyta is comfortable suggesting changes in processes that will make us better.

    Kristen Rich

  • After years, I am still impressed by your customer service. You all are such wonderful role models!

    Ellen Martin