Deyta is a CMS-Approved Vendor for Hospice CAHPS!

doc-hospice-cahps-surveyDownload An Overview of the Hospice CAHPS Survey for more detailed information.

As part of the Hospice Quality Reporting Program (HQRP), hospices will be required to participate in the Hospice CAHPS Survey starting in 2015. Hospices serving more than 50 survey-eligible patients per year will be required to contract with a CMS-approved vendor for survey administration and provide the sampling data to the approved vendor on a monthly basis. Hospices must conduct a dry run during Q1 2015 and begin continuous surveying as of April 1, 2015. As a CMS-approved vendor, Deyta supports hospices with a comprehensive program that simplifies compliance and accelerates improvement.

Partner with a CAHPS expert!

Deyta is the market leader in hospice patient and family experience of care surveying. We deliver a comprehensive suite of tools and services that goes beyond simply collecting data. We guide our customers to understand what needs to change to improve quality and create word-of-mouth referrals.

Go beyond Hospice CAHPS compliance and dramatically improve patient care with unparalleled insights and guidance from Deyta’s market-leading CAHPS service. Deyta manages and enhances the entire Hospice CAHPS survey process so that you can focus on using the results to elevate patient care and operational performance. Our cost-effective program collects, analyzes, and reports Hospice CAHPS data as required per CMS regulations.

Highlights of Deyta’s Program

  • Cost effective third-party survey administration that allows your staff to focus on what matters – ensuring quality patient care.
  • Standard survey administration includes a valuable supplemental question set to provide additional data for enhanced performance improvement.
  • Fully transcribed comments and verbatim comment reporting that groups comments by category provides the greatest insights into what your caregivers are truly saying.
  • Comment Alert! system that quickly notifies you of any negative or serious comments so that you can quickly take action and prompt service recovery.
  • Database built for meaningful benchmarking with state, national, and peer group level benchmarks, as well as the Deyta Leaders benchmark inclusive of those agencies who are raising the bar on performance by outperforming the national benchmark.
  • A comprehensive suite of reports including quality dashboards and patient-level drill-down helps you quickly pinpoint opportunities for improvement.
  • Month-of-service reporting easily ties results back to operations, offering greater insights into what is driving your performance.
  • Real-time access to survey results as they are processed with easy export into Excel for limitless reporting and data analysis.
  • Comparative analysis based upon your agency’s hierarchy which may include six reporting
    levels - overall client, division, region, location, group, unit, or team - allowing you to easily identify top performers and areas that may need focused improvement efforts.
  • User friendly web-based system with customizable user access giving specific users access to specific reporting levels.
  • Easy program implementation and ongoing support from a dedicated CAHPS team which includes individuals specializing in development, implementation, and client service.
  • On staff, hospice experts to answer pressing questions and provide guidance in the areas of quality and performance improvement, and data analysis.
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  • Deyta is a responsive and trusted partner. They keep us ahead of the regulatory curve.

    Monica McCullough, RN, BSN, CHPN

  • Quality Navigator has improved efficiency of our QAPI program and is preparing us for quality reporting requirements.

    Pam Ware, LCSW, CHA

  • Deyta’s Market Intelligence solution provides our agency with powerful physician and facility referral data which allows us to efficiently identify valuable referral sources.

    Jack Draughon

  • We appreciate the leadership that Deyta has provided over the years in helping us to dive deeper into the data.

    Pat Vigilante

  • We use Deyta's reports to help us improve the quality of our patient care, and we share them with our staff to engage them in our improvement efforts.

    Jackie Nelson

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