High Definition Financial and Operational Optimization

  • Have you defined Key Success Indicators (KSIs) with key metrics to guide you to a higher level of performance?
  • Can you see your KSIs and your progress against them at a glance?
  • Do you use stacks of reports to get FTE cost, overtime, caseload, census, live discharges, admissions and other key management metrics?
  • Does your staff laboriously sift through stacks of printed reports, wasting precious time, to get you the answers you need – then do it all again within hours or days to get updated information?
  • Do you know whether your staff takes the shortest routes when on company business? Do you adjust their mileage compensation if they don’t, or do you pay to do it their way?
  • Do you have 100 percent adoption of your software tools across your organization?
  • Do you have a five-year plan to boost performance, quality and the bottom line?

The hospice industry is competitive now, but regulatory changes are about to make things a lot more competitive and transparent. Suddenly, it won’t just be about whether you provided the right quality of care, but also whether the patient perceives you provided the right level of care. New reporting requirements are a game-changer that will require new vigilance across the organization.

Our Satisfaction Management solutions will help you manage the administration process for new surveys and CMS reporting. But the effects of new regulations won’t stop at administering surveys, so Deyta doesn’t stop there either.

Deyta’s suite of solutions for Financial and Operational Optimization is a comprehensive set of tools and services. Our systems are designed to give you a 360 degree view of your operations from the highest level, with the ability to drill down into details as needed to find the answers to problems, investigate outliers and reward success. Our services are provided by true industry experts with the experience and best practices you need to answer these questions and a whole lot more.

Deyta can:

  • Help you understand what’s important to track and monitor.
  • Provide the dynamic, time-saving views of your key metrics that you need across your organization (and across different platforms and systems) to monitor key processes, expenditures, quality and compliance metrics and more.
  • Track key metrics and information such as census, admissions, deaths, live discharges, patient status, compliance issues and more.
  • Determine shortest routes and reimburse employees for that mileage.
  • Help you evaluate software solutions, including an EMR, and help you implement and optimize your investments over the long haul.

Please consult Deyta’s Product Catalog for more information on any of these products and services.

For more information about how Deyta’s Financial/Operational Optimization management can help you, contact us or see the Product Catalog.
  • Deyta is a powerful management tool which provides easy visibility into key performance indicators through simple visual graphics such as gauges and charts.

    David Donenburg

  • After years, I am still impressed by your customer service. You all are such wonderful role models!

    Ellen Martin

  • We appreciate the leadership that Deyta has provided over the years in helping us to dive deeper into the data.

    Pat Vigilante

  • Deyta has been superb at generating very valuable reports for our various business divisions that easily depict the results and outcomes.

    Larry Weishaar

  • Deyta’s Market Intelligence solution provides our agency with powerful physician and facility referral data which allows us to efficiently identify valuable referral sources.

    Jack Draughon

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