High Definition Family Bereavement & Counseling Management

  • Are you able to easily monitor compliance, counselor caseloads, and manage all facets of your bereavement program using one system?
  • Do you have workarounds in place for managing group sessions or community bereaved?
  • Do you know how to improve your bereavement program based upon responses to the Family Evaluation of Bereavement Services (FEBS) survey?

With the potential for a full 13-month relationship with hospice families, bereavement services are both a significant responsibility and an opportunity. Through effective bereavement programming and management, you reinforce the unique mission of hospice to care for both the patient and family. You strengthen the likelihood that those well-cared-for family members will become advocates of hospice and supporters of your work in the community.

Bereavement & Counseling Management

Deyta provides a comprehensive web-based system to seamlessly manage a complete bereavement program. Designed by grief-care and counseling experts, Deyta’s solution simplifies compliance monitoring and program management with dynamic analytics and easy-to-use dashboards. Highlights include:

  • Electronic documentation for bereavement assessments, outreach assessments, progress notes, EMDR notes, and more.
  • An administrative summary highlighting program utilization details, at risk clients, and fee tracking for optimal management of program resources and staff.
  • Easy manual entry of hospice patient, client, and community records with optional EHR integration to automate record entry.
  • Distinguishes between hospice and community clients, and easily accommodates multiple bereaved clients per patient.
  • Compliance tracking through the Counselor Caseload Actionboard; informing counselors when clients need attention.
  • Organize and manage group sessions with ease by entering group notes that automatically post to participant records.
  • Track fees paid and owed, or the value of service provided if no fees are paid.
  • Easily print customized correspondence, including mandatory letters and various client communications.
  • Accommodate surveyor’s requests quickly and easily with access to assessments, plans of care, and letters.
  • Receive expert support and guidance for implementing software and establishing new processes with staff to leverage the fullest value of the solution.
  • Bundle Deyta’s Bereavement Satisfaction survey service to eliminate administrative burdens, gather valuable feedback on your bereavement program, benchmark performance, and drive program improvements.

Bereavement Satisfaction Measurement

A first step to understanding the impact of your bereavement program is measuring bereavement satisfaction. Deyta’s Family Evaluation of Bereavement Services (FEBS) solution provides standardized measurement of your bereavement program with insightful benchmarking analysis for understanding performance and incorporating meaningful feedback into your ongoing QAPI program. Highlights include:

  • Customized cover letter with your agency’s logo and digital signature to drive higher response rates.
  • Fully transcribed comments and verbatim comment reporting that groups comments by category provides the greatest insights into what your bereaved clients are truly saying.
  • Comment Alert! system that quickly notifies your agency by email of any negative or serious comments so that you can quickly take action and prompt service recovery.
  • Flexible, timely reports presented with rapid turnaround.
  • Comparative analysis based upon your agency’s hierarchy which may include up to three levels - overall client, division, location and/or group.
  • Detailed, comparative benchmarking with the largest bereavement satisfaction database, based upon NHPCO’s proven survey tool.
  • Easy-to-read analysis based upon Deyta’s market leading best practices.
  • Focused training to help integrate satisfaction results into your bereavement program planning.

Deyta Simplifies Bereavement Management

Deyta’s total bereavement management solution streamlines bereavement operations enabling hospices to do more with less. Say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, and/or your patient-centric EHR and discover an easier way to manage bereavement services and drive performance improvement.

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  • I am always pleased with education I get from Deyta. I consider Deyta one of my greatest resources.

    Heather Murphy

  • So glad we started with Deyta and don't have to play catch up. Very comforting to know Deyta is on the cutting edge of what is going on in the world of HHCAHPS.

    Linda Cummins

  • Deyta has been superb at generating very valuable reports for our various business divisions that easily depict the results and outcomes.

    Larry Weishaar

  • Deyta is a powerful management tool which provides easy visibility into key performance indicators through simple visual graphics such as gauges and charts.

    David Donenburg

  • We use Deyta's reports to help us improve the quality of our patient care, and we share them with our staff to engage them in our improvement efforts.

    Jackie Nelson

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