High Definition Referral Source Maximization

  • Do you need more high quality referrals?
  • Do you know who is making referrals in your area…and who is receiving them?
  • Do you know your market share, and that of your competitors?
  • Do you have a tool to proactively manage your marketing reps that supports mobile devices?
  • Do your referral sources have an easy way to see the status of their patients at any time?

High Definition Market Intelligence

In the hospice market, it is difficult to know your market share, who the best referral sources are, and where to focus your efforts. Deyta’s Market Intelligence solution delivers a high definition view of the abundant market data we provide to tell you:

  • Who is making referrals in your area, and who is receiving them
  • Which providers make the most and best quality referrals
  • What your competitors are getting in terms of referrals, and from whom
  • What your own regular referrers are doing…are you really getting all of their referrals?

High Definition Marketing Management

Even the best information is useful only with a good plan, excellent follow-up and effective communication. Deyta helps our clients achieve greater numbers of higher quality referrals so that your marketing team can exceed your expectations.

Deyta can help you:

  • See the activity of your marketing reps easily and proactively manage to increase sales productivity
  • Gain greater productivity by increasing marketing ROI
  • Use industry-specific information to market effectively to referral sources, using the information they need and understand, going all the way into the patient record when needed
  • Capture referral-specific information such as documentation of visits/encounters with the source and follow-up items
  • Interact with Microsoft Outlook to schedule your meetings
  • Introduce MD Companion, our physician portal, to your referral sources and give them a reason to choose you over your competitors
  • Speed up the referral process by reducing time tracking down physicians for sign-offs on orders, certs and recerts
  • Do you know how to implement marketing best practices to excel beyond your current level?
  • Do you know how to transform poor survey results into positive organizational change and improvement?
  • Can you implement solutions that will increase your marketing success?

High Definition Success Guidance Services for Marketing

One area where Deyta truly stands above all competition is in our Success Guidance Services. We provide guidance and training from industry experts who know how to help our clients turn negative survey results into actionable plans for organizational change and drive bottom-line improvement. Using Deyta’s services, our clients have improved their marketing, increased the quality and quantity of their referrals, used their survey results to improve referral rates, and even used our services to help them move into new areas via smart acquisitions.

Deyta’s High Definition Success Guidance Services can help you to achieve:

  • Better referral rates based on word-of-mouth, as well as your marketing team’s efforts
  • Better relationships with referral partners, based on shared information and industry-leading customer service capabilities
  • Better quality referrals, as physicians and facilities come to understand they will receive better quality and service from your team—even your marketers

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  • We're so happy to have someone we can trust with our data and that knows what to do with it – and Deyta is comfortable suggesting changes in processes that will make us better.

    Kristen Rich

  • I am always pleased with education I get from Deyta. I consider Deyta one of my greatest resources.

    Heather Murphy

  • We appreciate the leadership that Deyta has provided over the years in helping us to dive deeper into the data.

    Pat Vigilante

  • Quality Navigator has improved efficiency of our QAPI program and is preparing us for quality reporting requirements.

    Pam Ware, LCSW, CHA

  • Deyta has been superb at generating very valuable reports for our various business divisions that easily depict the results and outcomes.

    Larry Weishaar

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