High Definition Financial and Operational Optimization

With multiple IT systems, you end up with too many reports and too few answers. Deyta’s Financial and Operational Optimization highlights what needs attention while still giving you access to the detail you need to find problems and manage proactively.

  • Focus on your real-time business metrics by eliminating reporting lags so common with other systems
  • View all information securely via the Internet
  • Measure progress against your Key Performance Indicators instantly
  • See your key metrics instantly and in real time
  • View even the lowest levels of detail almost instantly by clicking; you can even see the patient record if needed
  • Access payroll, EMR and financial data to create a one stop shop for your financial metrics and performance monitoring
  • Analyze admissions by payer source, admission type, marketing rep and so on to understand your revenue stream
  • View your census, episodes, case weight, visits, financial data in an "at a glance" format
  • Proactively manage to regulatory and compliance standards
  • Run multiple reports and analyses without the need for complex customized reports from IT
  • Analyze trends by comparing real-time data to budgeted data
  • Create graphs, charts and reports to view historical trends and current status
Learn more about how our Financial and Operational Optimization will transform your management style. Contact us or see the Product Catalog for greater detail.
  • After years, I am still impressed by your customer service. You all are such wonderful role models!

    Ellen Martin

  • Deyta is a powerful management tool which provides easy visibility into key performance indicators through simple visual graphics such as gauges and charts.

    David Donenburg

  • Deyta has been superb at generating very valuable reports for our various business divisions that easily depict the results and outcomes.

    Larry Weishaar

  • Deyta’s Market Intelligence solution provides our agency with powerful physician and facility referral data which allows us to efficiently identify valuable referral sources.

    Jack Draughon

  • We're so happy to have someone we can trust with our data and that knows what to do with it – and Deyta is comfortable suggesting changes in processes that will make us better.

    Kristen Rich

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