High Definition Executive Insight and Guidance


  • Have you defined Key Success Indicators (KSIs) to guide you to success?
  • Do you need a visual scorecard for every area of your business?
  • Can you easily see key metrics such as census, unverified visits, caseload, overtime and more?
  • Do you know how to be more competitive in your market?
  • Can you manage every aspect of your organization proactively, finding issues before they become full-blown problems?

Are you faced with endless EMR and financial reports and spreadsheets that tell you little and require much study? Does your staff have to constantly track down the answers you need from stacks of reports and have to be re-run every time you need fresh information? Is your HHA as successful as it could be?

Executives need answers. Not just any answers, but high definition answers with precision guidance derived from complete data sets in real time.

By collecting data from the right sources and delivering exactly what’s needed in real time, Deyta can help you break through the ever-expanding avalanche of data to find the answers you need for success. 

Deyta can deliver the answers to these questions, plus:

  • What is important and what to do about it
  • How to attract more high-value referrals to your HHA
  • How to be more competitive against other HHAs
  • What are your key clinical and operational metrics and Hey Success Indicators (KSIs) and how to view them in a graphical, snapshot format
  • What customers are actually saying about you
  • What adjustments to make based on customer feedback
  • What organizational change is needed for peak performance
  • How well your staff is doing in critical areas
  • How you compare nationally to top home health agencies in every aspect of operations, marketing and finance
  • Why you are not performing as expected in some or all areas
  • How you can be more successful
For additional details on Deyta’s system, please check out our Product Catalog.
  • We use Deyta's reports to help us improve the quality of our patient care, and we share them with our staff to engage them in our improvement efforts.

    Jackie Nelson

  • We're so happy to have someone we can trust with our data and that knows what to do with it – and Deyta is comfortable suggesting changes in processes that will make us better.

    Kristen Rich

  • Deyta is a responsive and trusted partner. They keep us ahead of the regulatory curve.

    Monica McCullough, RN, BSN, CHPN

  • Our Actionboard gives us the whole picture in one glance… and I can get everything I need for IDT.

    Rev. Gina Volpe

  • So glad we started with Deyta and don't have to play catch up. Very comforting to know Deyta is on the cutting edge of what is going on in the world of HHCAHPS.

    Linda Cummins

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