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Welcome to Deyta’s Blog where you’ll find valuable information on the latest hot topics trending in today’s home health and hospice environment. Our authors include Deyta’s subject matter experts, industry colleagues, consultants and top performing Deyta clients. Please check back regularly for updates.

Consumers are often in an urgent state to find a home health provider and quickly look to the Home Health Compare (HHC) website for answers. While the intention is to provide an easy and reliable source of information as to the quality of care provided by home health agencies, it can be overwhelming for consumers given the amount of information available on the website. This is why CMS has added two star ratings that will act as additional tools to assist consumers in selecting a provider. The information on this…
Bereavement services are a central component to hospice care, providing continued support for family and friends after a loved one has passed. Timely outreach, counseling, and group support are all extremely important for bereaved clients. Hospices that manage bereavement operations effectively and efficiently are able to place greater focus on guiding clients through the grieving process. In talking with several hospices about how bereavement management is going for them, I’m surprised that so many initially say, “it’s going great!” When probing a bit further, I often find that there are…
Hospices are facing even more change with the CMS FY 2016 proposed rule that was released on April 30, and will affect the wage index and payment rates for the Medicare Hospice Benefit. It is important to review these changes closely in order to understand how your reimbursement will be affected. It’s estimated that the overall impact of this proposed rule is close to $200 million in increased payments to hospices. Here is a high-level overview of what will affect your reimbursement: CBSA Census Designations: Take notice as to whether…
Did you know that the most frequently noted deficiency that affects each Hospice Item Set (HIS) quality measure is the lack of documented dates of occurrence (e.g., screening, treatment, discussion)? While the HIS does not require submission of these dates, each measure calculation does in order to calculate the numerator’s time window. If the time window is not able to be calculated, the patient cannot be included in the measure’s numerator, which ultimately lowers your performance score. This is why it’s critical to address deficiencies that exist in your documentation…
Following implementation of systems and processes to capture and report the Hospice Item Set in 2014, 2015 promises to be yet another year of significant change in terms of quality reporting for hospices with the Hospice CAHPS requirement right around the corner. With this requirement comes system and process changes, and imposing cost burdens to ensure compliance. We all know change can be difficult to manage. However, the Hospice Item Set and Hospice CAHPS requirements poses multiple opportunities with potential future yields if approached with an open mind and dedicated…
With public reporting looming in the future, hospices have more reason than ever to place a strategic focus on quality improvement. Hospice leaders must gain a clear understanding of performance, identify gaps and overcome any deficiencies before this information becomes available to the community and valuable referral partners. But, in an environment where resources are strained, budgets are limited and priorities are constantly changing, how does an agency go about being more proactive in managing hospice quality? While managing hospice quality is a best practice for understanding what clinical improvements…
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