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exec05Deyta's team includes many industry experts who are experienced speakers and educators. In addition to our own staff, we frequently include clients and other industry leaders and faculty in our programs.

Below is a current list of our faculty. If you are interested in participating in Deyta's Speakers Bureau, please contact us at [email protected].


Chip Carroll, Director of Sales

 Chip Carroll is a home care veteran with over 14 years of senior leadership experience in business development and operations. As Deyta’s Director of Sales, Chip consults with hospice and home health organizations to understand their unique business challenges. With keen insight to the dynamics of people, processes and systems, Chip develops powerful solutions for leveraging technology to improve efficiency and accelerate performance. Prior to joining Deyta, Chip worked for such organizations as Brookdale, Alive Hospice and Caris Healthcare, orchestrating operational workflows, facilitating employee training, improving referrals and building market share. While at these organizations, he was an end user of Deyta’s technology solutions and aptly understands the value of having empirical data for making smarter decisions. He is passionate about working with home care agencies to show them a better way for streamlining their organization and help them thrive in today’s ever-changing environment.

Liz Silva, Director of Home Health and Hospice

Liz Silva is a recognized authority on healthcare data collection, management and analysis. With over 10 years of experience, Liz works closely with home health and hospice organizations to identify opportunities for performance improvement as well as develop strategic initiatives centered on data-driven management to achieve improvement goals. Joining Deyta in 2008, Liz managed the development and release of Quality Navigator, a powerful tool that helps hospices address the challenging requirement to capture, trend and report clinical quality data. Liz has presented on topics related to quality improvement and data-driven management on a national and regional level.

Sue Zimmerman Balascio, Client Services Manager

Sue Zimmerman is a nationally recognized hospice quality improvement professional. She works closely with hospices to ensure the most effective and complete implementation of Deyta products. Prior to Deyta, Sue worked at Delaware Hospice where she oversaw the QAPI program including management of performance improvement projects, capture and analysis of data, and education of staff in quality improvement efforts. Since 2003 Sue has been an active member of NHPCO’s National Counsel of Hospice and Palliative Care Professionals, and has served as Section Leader for the Quality Assessment Performance Improvement Section. Sue has presented and published on topics related to hospice quality on a national and regional level.

  • We appreciate the leadership that Deyta has provided over the years in helping us to dive deeper into the data.

    Pat Vigilante

  • Deyta’s Market Intelligence solution provides our agency with powerful physician and facility referral data which allows us to efficiently identify valuable referral sources.

    Jack Draughon

  • Deyta has been superb at generating very valuable reports for our various business divisions that easily depict the results and outcomes.

    Larry Weishaar

  • I am always pleased with education I get from Deyta. I consider Deyta one of my greatest resources.

    Heather Murphy

  • We use Deyta's reports to help us improve the quality of our patient care, and we share them with our staff to engage them in our improvement efforts.

    Jackie Nelson

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